Here I am constructing my first salt glaze stoneware kiln in 1982.

I fire most of my work in my salt glazed stoneware kiln. I love making salt glazed stoneware and have been making pots in this process for over 40 years. I built my current kiln 18 years ago, and have fired it more than 80 times. It consists of over 6000 bricks of a variety of types and shapes, as well as special burners and a welded steel support structure. Because of the effects of the salt on these materials, I periodically need to do major refurbishments in order to keep the kiln firing.

I will soon need to rebuild a portion of the interior brick wall and replace the steel support structure, which keeps the kiln from expanding under intense heat. In the last thirty-four years, since I built my first kiln here, the cost of kiln materials has increased over 2000%.

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will go directly into a fund dedicated to materials for these upcoming projects. Thank you.